Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mortality Data Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mortality Data Paper - Assignment Example Arrangement of data may take place in any way that the researcher may desire. If the data is in the form of percentages then they may be arranged in an ascending or descending order. The same goes for any data in a numerical form; whether it is the arrangement according to position of something or its quantity, the data is arranged in a fine order in this step. In the second step the illustration or representation of the collected data takes place. There are several ways in which a data can be represented. A graph can be used to demonstrate the percentage or amount of something. Apart from graphs, bar charts of many kinds are used as well; stem and leaf diagrams, tables, pie charts, histograms and such are used as well. This step only includes the choice of way one might desire to represent their data in. The last step of Descriptive Statistics includes mentioning a summary of the collected data. In here an attempt of explaining what the research was conducted on, what methods were used for it, what was the targeted population, the results obtained from the research and a theory that the researchers might have deduced from the obtained results. â€Å"The highest death toll of a population from strokes or cerebrovascular diseases is the population belonging to the middle-income countries while the lowest is the population from low income countries.† A diseases cluster is known as the occurrence of a disease which targets a larger number of people instead of the expected number of populations in a certain area, group of people or time period (California Department of Public Health). An epidemic is known as an outbreak of a biological or viral disorder which spreads into the population of the world. The area for an epidemic is not a certain one and it may spread in many locations at a period of time. The targeted area is not restricted to any kind, any population may become a target and the patients are not isolated to a certain community. Epidemics

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